Gravity : The movie which will take you to a new feel of Gravitational force

How you can shoot anybody keeping an angle of 360 degrees from all the sides? Does that sound a way too impossible? Well, it isn’t when it comes to director Alfanso Cuaron. The trailor of the movie whose theme makes you presumes about a movie comprising of something like survival of astronauts from damaged space shuttle. The movie’s star cast has been chosen smartly when it comes for George Clooney and Sandra bullock, though Clooney is in the first half only. Entire story was written by Cuaron and his son Jonas, developed at Universal Studios; afterwards writes were sold to Warner Bros.

About the movie, it’s all about a survival story and changes in psychology of person in ionosphere. The film also constitutes an emotional side of Ryan’s (Sandra Bullock) daughter’s accidental death. The film uses long and uninterrupted shots which draws audience’s attention and hold their seats tightly.

About the plot, the movie starts with Dr. Ryan Stone, mission specialist at her shuttle, accompanied by Matt Kowalski(George Clooney) having regular maintenance of Shuttle repair. During the spacewalk Huston delivers the message to abort the mission and orders to transfer to space station 100 km far in same orbit. But message reaches late and the shuttle collapses. Two astronauts survive and travel 100 km in space to reach ISS which is 100 km far. But Science and astronomical laws are kept into considerations to their best levels. The “science” effect is shown in such a marvellous way in a clip where a shuttle crashes and its trash travels in the same orbit with full speed of shuttle and reaching ISS in 90 minutes having entire round of earth ultimately leading to crash ISS. Matt sacrifices, to save life of Ryan. And Finally Ryan alone survives in safety landing Shuttle from space to earth which is one of best Hollywood scenes I have ever seen.

Well, the entire movie is based on a single thing which is “survival”. It is a movie with very less character leading people to think it is may be a boring kind of movie, but reality is way different. Each and every detail of every scene is taken so perfectly giving movie an extraordinary touch, the details in each scene is so high and having so much depth that to check each and every smallest thing I insist you to try watching this movie in as much biggest possible screen you can. If possible prefer IMAX only. 3D gave entire movie a real experience of walking in space. The Debris travels so fast and collides to ISS make the scene so magnanimous that any cinematographer can ever do. Emotions of Ryan with her child and its memories leads the entire movie to your heart to eyes and comes in form of tears when she is feeling low having nothing and thinking that she is going to meet her now for sure. Matt comes to meet her when everything is crashed and she is lonely in safety ship and shows how to survive when every hope for living is gone, and after some time audience realizes that Matt is dead in that crash only but she was just dreaming, and in that dream Matt showed her how to live and survive gave lovely and emotional touch to a sci-fi movie. And after that she got hope to live she finally drives shuttle from space to earth, and entire travel looks so live that saying just hats off to cinematographer’s work and director’s research is a small complement. Entire movie follows each and every laws and fundamentals of science that none of scene looks hypothetical, but realistic which makes movie totally different than other survival movies.

Long Story short: There are survival movies in world and there is Gravity. Must watch movie this week and its one of finest movies ever released in category of sci-fi and survival movies.

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