About Us

Birth of Movzio

It is well said that that incredible thoughts come spontaneously, that is what happened in this case as well. Movzio wasn’t planned but rather it occurred to us. Movzio was more of an accidental thought which got struck into our psyches while having an espresso, examining what to do with our presently running web journal Technotactics?


Throughout our experience of running a blog since one and a half year on technology niche have made us realize that there are so many people, friends, buddies, mates, acquaintances who are willing to put their stuff on web; however are not able to do so because of absence of some or the other key element. Movzio is a concept, implemented to accumulate those inventive and dedicated minds who need a stage to impart what they cherish. Movzio will help fill this crevice through our media.

What is Movzio?

As the punch line itself determines “SHARE THE TREND”, Movzio is conceived as a result of the same reason. This is a site where you can approach us for putting up your crisp and unique content before millions of people sitting around the world having their espresso and cappuccino in the morning, understudies sitting in their school surfing some helpful substance, some enjoying their lunch time in office, a couple getting a charge out of their supper date in other corner of the world and millions of other expressions. It is an approach we are attempting to make happen, to incorporate and synchronize individuals’ written work aptitudes and information both to be imparted on a solitary stage named Movzio

What you can share?

Movie reviews Bollywood buzz
Hollywood buzz
New movie releases
Game reviews
Application reviews
Gadget reviews
Fresh news
Kitchen tricks and tips
How To’s
Poetry Section
Book reviews
Philosophical section
Health Tips
Updates on any new research in any field of science and Technology
Vision and Mission
We are looking forward to enjoy our new journey with Movzio and with the people who are going to be a part of it very soon. Hope to build up a sustainable and healthy future ahead.

With best regards and wishes.


Contacts: info@movzio.com